Stretch's To Do List

The "To Do List" for StretchsterzStretchsterz.

The List:

  • Fill out the rest of the M.E.G. Teams pages. [X]
  • Fill out the other Factions. [X]
  • Change up the Entities to match a better format (Sandbox Link: Coming Soon!). [X]
  • Transfer more Oddball Levels to Secret Levels Category. [X]
  • Fill out the Groups list with it's Colonies And Outposts from various Levels. [X]
  • Try to create more Rooms. [X]
    • ^ Including "The Red Rooms" Room. [X]
    • ^ Including Level 1's Traders Vault. [X]
  • Transfer More regular Levels. [X]


  • Transfer Levels like 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3, from Fandom, to Wikidot as 41.5, 42.5, 43.5, etc. [✓]
  • Create a "Beginners List" for new authors. [✓]
  • Create new Tales. [X]
    • ^ Including the Exploration Log for Level 94, and an Electroscape Tale. [X]
    • ^ Including a Tale for the First Modern Level Reports. [✓]
  • Create an "Items List" for items that are scattered around The Backrooms. [✓]
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