Note: many of these, especially those in the same category, overlap frequently

General Roles

job name description necessity level
General Helper A helper with a vast skillset to be on-call when an extra pair of hands is needed 3

Writing/Author Management

job name description necessity level
Writing Team A member of the writing team is behind writing guidelines and authors on the site. This is the main role corresponding to the others in this category. 2
Critique Team These will roam the Drafts and Ideas Forum to provide critique and decide what is right for the site. 3
Lore Team The Lore Team is made to find strange Plot-Holes in the lore, and usually report back to the Critique Team, or Writing Team. 3

Technical Roles

job name description necessity level
Technical Team The Tech Team are behind a lot of jobs, like programming, CSS, and the site display. 4
Staff Management Team This Team is made to manage staff and make sure the cogs keep turning and the site keeps working. 2
Internet Outreach Team This Team provides knowledge and news to sources outside the wiki. 3
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