Join The Team

So, you want to help out here at the Backrooms Wiki?

At the minute, we are a little shorthanded in terms of mods, and we welcome anyone who wants to join. Read the page below and see if the job's for you!

What we look for in staff

You don't have to specialize in the following, we'd take a jack of all trades~

  • Experienced writer
  • Experienced programmer
  • Moderating experience (reddit, discord, etc)
  • Long-time user of the Backrooms Wiki
  • Occupying and operating in one of our shorthanded timezones/timeframes
  • Experienced with the Backrooms Lore

Don't apply if the following apply to you

  • Under 15 years old
    • Considering lying about your age? ~ Three words: don't do it. You may think now that you're mature and that you can do it. You're not, and you'll look back on your actions and think "what the fuck was I doing?" Not only will it put you under pressure, but you'll be a dead weight on the rest of the team and make our lives harder. Just please, don't.
  • No free time at all ~ if you're stressed with a massive workload, please, for your sake as well as ours, think about whether you can be a staff member. If you have a huge workload, but still feel passionate about moderating, we can make space for you, but please tell us how much time you can reasonably give towards the site.

Read the previous, and want to apply?

Simply fill out your application with important details and you may/may not receive an invitation to discord.

What to put in the application:

  • Your age
  • Your timezone
  • Your skillset and experience
  • Your preferred role
  • Any other applicable details
  • And most of all, good writing (doesn't need to be a piece of art; just straight, punctuated English)

You need to have a account and be signed to apply for membership.

if you already have a account


it is worth it and is free

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